As I specialize in exclusive properties I am fortunate to see some outstanding places. The first time I step through the door of a property I feel like a child in a sweetie shop.

I had recently been commissioned to take photos of an old restored home in the South of France. It was a big responsibility for me because I knew how much the owners loved this place and the photos had to reflect the passion and effort they put into the renovation and refurbishing.

Between the house and myself was “love at first sight”, I knew I had to find the way to get the right shots in my camera. I needed to capture the “soul” of this place.

I worked around the clock and the hours flew by. Every time I though I had finished I would “see” another photo. I think the house decided I was to be trusted and revealed all its secrets.

Professional photos can make a place look better, but some places (like this property) are so special and beautiful there is a risk the photos will not do it real justice. So when my client wrote this to me, I knew the old house had reciprocated the love

“The photos are amazing – you have a real talent.  Such clever angles and perspective.  The house is so nice, I couldn’t imagine photos would be able to do it justice but you have done it perfectly. “

For more info and booking this beautiful property https://www.chillypowder.com/properties/france/provence/catered-summer/maison-lou-roucas-provence