Hello, I'm Gio Fleming

While interiors and food are part of my work, my first love is being among inspirational scenery taking emotive photographs of landscapes. Whenever possible I love to travel to remote and rugged places with my camera.

A consequence of growing up in mountainous areas is a sensitivity to the subtle cycles and seasonal changes of the landscape. The trees, the rivers, the fields, the snow cover, and the mountains, which show different aspects of themselves from one hour, one day, one season, to the next.

My challenge is to capture these subtle mood changes in ways that will induce those who see my photographs to want to preserve and cherish these places also.

My approach is not to click and move on, not to simply reproduce what is in front of me, but to use my life experience to be patient, to find the right aspect, to wait for the best light, and to instill feeling and emotion into the images to fully convey the beauty, and the extremes of the drama which is out there in these wild settings if we are willing to look for it.

The world’s wild places – mountains, glaciers, polar ice are under increasing pressure, both from climate change and the relentless intrusion of human activities.

One way to induce people to value and make an effort to preserve these areas is by sharing images of them. These images need to convey not only the beauty but the fragility of such environments.