The dangers of searching for the perfect composition

I am sure other photographers can relate to this story.. It’s hard to know when to stop while in search of the perfect composition. I am not by any stretch of the imagination an “extreme” photographer, but in my own way I have been in some not so comfortable situations.
I love a good laugh, so I feel I have to share this story with a “happy ending” with you today.

With some fellow local photographers we went to the Lake Montriond, an essential location in any season. We were late leaving after work and didn’t quite return with all the shots we wished for so we decided to go back the next day. Unfortunately, the next day the others couldn’t make it so I ended up on my own. It’s a shame because if they had been there surely I could have posted a video to go with this story…

The safe option would have been to take the photo from the shore of the lake, but no no, I decided that my composition would be much better from a different angle.
I timidly stepped on the ice… it was hard enough to hold me (hallelujah) but so slippery. I went flying on my ass and proceeded to slide for a few meters towards the middle of the lake! As I had my ski pants on I was sliding like an olympic bob-sleigher. I know you are laughing already… that’s nothing, The ice was so shiny it was impossible to stand up and walk back, so I had to lie on my stomach and “swim” my way off the lake on my stomach, whilst trying to hold my camera!! Oh dear it must have been a comedy of errors to watch. Where were my fellow photographers friends with their phones? It would have been an amazing video to play over and over again when in need of cheering up.