Greenland is one of the least densely populated countries in the world, The wilderness stretches forever, it’s such a raw place, life is tough for humans and animals, but the scenery takes your breath away.
It’s hard to describe the first encounter with an iceberg, it’s just so emotionally intense, for me it was a childhood dream come true. Icebergs are undeniably beautiful, majestic, solemn and scary.
They are one of the most beautiful pieces of nature I’ve ever photographed. There is a sadness to them because they will melt away and disappear, their beauty is ephemeral.
It makes the photo precious and special because it can’t be replicated.

I had the privilege to be there twice, once in February 2017 and once in September 2018, both times were amazing although the winter trip was very hard.
The average temperature in February for Ilulissat is minus 20, but as I found out, not every year is “average”, these were the temperatures I found in February 2017

To complicate matters I developed a very bad chest infection a few days prior to my departure.
I arrived to temperatures of minus 35 before the wind chill. We had to change the itinerary dramatically due to the sea being frozen, the cameras stopped working from the cold and quite frankly us humans didn’t function much better! I have never had to endure such extreme conditions, and I was born and raised in the mountains at 1350 meters above sea level. Some of my equipment perished due to the cold and as a result of all the above I didn’t come back with the photos I was hoping for. Still, I will forever cherish this amazing experience. It’s my passion for photography that kept me going even when I just wanted to give in to the cold, the fever and the exhaustion.
My second time in Greenland was in September 2018, weather conditions were perfect, it was totally amazing. My photos of these trips are really full of feelings for me, I remember every moment behind everyone of them. Every time a client buys a print of an iceberg I feel a mixture of pride and dread because I am sharing a precious private moment between me and nature.