Introduction of POIESIS
Gio Fleming and Andrea Arnaud are 2 artists who, through a unique creative synergy, transform visual perception into a new expressive dimension. Under the artistic name “Poiesis” a term derived from ancient Greek meaning “creation” or “poetry,” these siblings combine photography and painting in a revolutionary way.
Gio Fleming, a talented photographer, captures images that serve as the initial canvas. Her brother, Andrea Arnaud, an artist and painter, enhances these photographs with striking graphic interventions. His additions do not merely complement the photos but radically transform them, rendering them unrecognizable from the original shots. Through this collaboration, the works of Poesis alter the viewer’s perception, creating a new visual reality that seamlessly blends photography and graphic art in an innovative and captivating manner.
Their work, constantly evolving, demonstrates the art’s ability to reinvent itself, merging two seemingly distant worlds to create pieces that challenge conventions and stimulate the imagination.

Their first work of art, “Love,” is born from the collaboration between a landscape photographer and a digital artist, and presents a completely transformed and abstract composition. The only original element in the final artwork is the ice and its reflection in the lagoon. An array of bold graphic elements infuses the image with a modern and dynamic aesthetic. These added graphics create a layered, complex visual image, rendering the original photograph unrecognizable. This transformation blends photography with graphic artistry, producing a visually arresting and imaginative piece of art.