The Sleeping Giant (Limited Edition 60)


The Sleeping Giant

I see Mont Blanc every day and I have taken photos of it in every season and light. But this particular photo is special to me. I was walking back from an amazing sunset in the mountains, it was night time and yet I could see the purple and pink palette in the dark and the softness of the remaining light on the snow. I was cold and tired but I unpacked my rucksack, set the camera on the tripod and took a 25 second exposure to capture this image.

Limited edition 60 prints

Frame Mount note: The sizes indicated on the website are relevant to the photo itself, once the 5cm frame mount is added the frame size will increase 10 cm on both length and height. For example, a photo of 60 x 90 cm will have a frame of 70 x 100 cm. One exception is the 80 x 120 cm Frame which is unavailable with a mount. More information on print methods and frames can be found here.

View in My Space allows you to use a phone or tablet app to project the artwork onto your home or office wall. The example provided for The Frozen Eagle is 80cm x 120cm Fine Art Paper Framed. The button will take you to the Google or Apple store to download the Hoverlay app, if you do not already have it installed, which will then project the image for you.