Disko Island is a large island off the west coast of Greenland; I spent a few days here in September 2018. I had it all, giant icebergs floating on the beach, northern lights dancing over them at night, waterfalls, and autumn colours setting the bushes on fire…

The Giant

Sailing among icebergs is a humbling experience, they are imposing cliffs of white and blue ice. It’s incredible that something so enormous can simply float in the sea. It’s frightening and soothing at the same time, they are so dramatic in their awe-inspiring beauty


Welcome to my photography boutique, the place where I display my interpretation of the beauty of our planet.

I would love to guide you personally through my collections while telling you the story which lies behind every image, but this page is the closest way for us to interact.

Great pictures bring every room to life and my image library puts beautiful photography at your fingertips.
It’s so easy to buy quality prints or contemporary wall art from Gio Fleming Photography. I can offer expert advice on the ideal imagery to suit your interior space and help create the right atmosphere in private homes, chalets, hotels, restaurants, bars, and offices.

Every picture represents a memory, a feeling, a tale of emotions. It is the beauty and the drama of what surrounds us frozen in a moment in time.
The passion I hope my pictures will transfer to your surroundings when you decide to make my photographs part of your world.

I use fine art photography as a medium for my creative expression.

My photos are offered in limited edition, some in 30 copies or less, others in 60 copies maximum. They are delivered with a certificate of Authenticity, hand signed, numbered, titled and dated.
I also offer a small Open Edition series. These photos are printed on the same quality paper but they are not signed nor numbered and not limited in quantity.
I do so to offer a less expensive product to try and help small budgets

My work is printed on gallery quality photo paper and can be bought directly in my boutique.
For bespoke orders of  framed prints with anti reflection glass, or dye sublimation on metal.
Please enquire for prices.

If you can’t find the picture or the format you need, please email me here.

If you wish to purchase more than one photo at a time, it’s preferable if you contact me so I can find the exact postage price..

Some information about the printing options can be found here: Printing.

More About Me


While interiors and food are part of my work, my first love is being among inspirational scenery taking emotive photographs of landscapes. Whenever possible I love to travel to remote and rugged places with my camera.
A consequence of growing up in mountainous areas is a sensitivity to the subtle cycles and seasonal changes of the landscape. The trees, the rivers, the fields, the snow cover, and the mountains, which show different aspects of themselves from one hour, one day, one season, to the next.
My challenge is to capture these subtle mood changes in ways that will induce those who see my photographs to want to preserve and cherish these places also.
My approach is not to click and move on, not to simply reproduce what is in front of me, but to use my life experience to be patient, to find the right aspect, to wait for the best light, and to instill feeling and emotion into the images to fully convey the beauty, and the extremes of the drama which is out there in these wild settings if we are willing to look for it.
The world’s wild places – mountains, glaciers, polar ice are under increasing pressure, both from climate change and the relentless intrusion of human activities.
One way to induce people to value and make an effort to preserve these areas is by sharing images of them. These images need to convey not only the beauty but the fragility of such environments.
I have been fortunate to spend much of my life in or close to such places. I grew up in the Italian ski resort of Bardonecchia, and I now live in Les Gets, in the French Alps.