Given the chance, I love travelling and seeing the beauty of the planet. However, when I am “at home” I am fortunate enough to live in Les Gets, an area that is second to none for beautiful scenery.

Everything goes so fast in our lives. Photography is my way of slowing things down. I like the principle of the “slow food” in Italy, and I think I can say I do “slow photography”.

I am a very sociable person but when I am out with my camera I love being on my own.
When I walk up a mountain to reach a place to “stalk the sunset”, everyone else is coming back down. I get really weird looks from the folks that don’t understand why I would start walking with a rucksack when the sun is almost gone down.
It’s so uplifting to walk back in the dark with a head torch or just with the moonlight after taking photos of amazing sunsets.