Fine Art Photography Awards

“Fine Art Photography Awards is one of the largest award giving bodies for a community of artists ushering an era of new trends in the world of photography.
At the heart of Fine Art Photography Awards is the objective to explore the depth of 21st century artists’ ability to push the limits of the imagination and produce other-worldly photography, beyond the current trend and accepted standards. Fine Art Photography delights in providing an avenue for talented souls to brandish the world’s eccentricity, variety, beauty, and even ugliness from the artist’s lens.”

It’s with a lot of joy that I discovered my third place in Travel photography with a series of photos from Greenland, a country really close to my heart for its beauty and wilderness.

As well as the third prize I have also been nominated in 4 other categories:

Nominee in Wildlife / Animals “Jumps” series

Nominee in Landscape “Cup Cake”

Nominee in Fine Art “ The Power of Water”

Nominee in Architecture “Zig Zag”