I seldom venture into the world of black and white photography, mainly because it’s an art in itself and I feel I am still trying to master it.

When you remove the colour from an image, you need something strong to replace it. Colour can be a distraction but it can also be a major asset.
So without the colour you have to make sure your image focuses on subject, textures, shapes, patterns and graphic composition.

I am a strong believer that if you work hard and push yourself you can achieve results, so I gave myself the challenge to enter the competition.

The Monochrome Award is an international competition dedicated to black&white photography; with the penultimate mission of celebrating monochrome visions and discovering great talents across the globe, Monochrome Photography Awards is one of the most coveted and enviable annual competitions in the field of professional photography.

I am delighted to start 2023 with 6 Honorable Mentions in these categories:

1 in Architecture
this is the Geothermal Power Station in Iceland

2 in Landscape
both taken in the French Alps in Les Gets, one is Mont Blanc the other is Roc d’Enfer

2 in Fine Art
one taken in the French Alps in Morzine, the other taken in Iceland, a close up of the Dettifoss waterfall

1 in Nature
taken in the French Alps of a beautiful Northern Inuit called Niisha