The Prix de la Photographie, Paris (PX3) is a photography award that strives to promote appreciation of photography, discover emerging talent, and introduce photographers from around the world to the artistic community of Paris.

Established in 2007, the Paris Photography Prize has risen to become one of Europe’s most esteemed photography awards.
Having journeyed to New York last year for the IPA award ceremony, I resolved to participate in a contest closer to home, in the event (always hopeful) of winning some prizes with my photos.
While this might appear as déjà vu to some of you nice folks, for a photographer, having their artistic work acknowledged by  judges within prestigious competitions it’s always a real buzz.

Should your work remain unselected, the silence prevails; however, when your creation earns its spot, an email arrives bearing the glad news. We all grapple with an inundation of messages daily – invoices, orders, spam – yet, amidst this deluge, when an email announcing a win gets delivered I can’t help a surge of adrenaline and happiness.

I engage in these contests for personal gratification and growth.

However, we inhabit a world that demands excellence to garner attention, where the dominion of social media and websites governs our professional lives. Hence, I stand here, eager to share my news with you. And I thank you for your interest in my work.

Should you find yourself in Paris during the week of November 6th to 12th, you can see all the winners at the 24b Gallery, 24 bis Rue Saint-Roch, 75001 Paris. There will be some beautiful images on display.

These are my winning images:
Gold Medal in Nature / Sunset
taken in the beautiful resort of Les Gets where I now live

Silver Medal in Architecture / Others
taken in Greenland

Furthermore, I’ve been accorded 3 Honorable Mentions:
CUP CAKE” in the category of Nature/Seasons
“SHINING RAY” in the realm of Nature/Sunrise
“DOUBLE TROUBLE” within the ambit of Nature/Domestic Animals